Foursquare has the data to predict Chipotle's foot traffic decline and therefore their stock decline within 0.3% last quarter (Foursquare's prediction: -30%Chipotle actual: -29.7%.). Woah. They also predicted the sales volume of iPhones more accurately than The Street did at the end of last year (Over 13 Million phones when The Street had them between 10 - 13M.

@Dens, Foursquare's co-founder, provided some guidance on the company in a tweet. "...Long term plan = learn as much as we can about what's happening in real world. Help consumers, enterprises, advertisers benefit." 

What else can Foursquare do with all that checkin and now movement data? What would you do with it? What kind of similar data does your business have (or could get and or start tracking) that it might not be leveraging or in a place to leverage? Link