For the super nerds out there, the fact that Nexar exists is "old" news from the week. Started using yet?  

For the rest of us, Nexar is a dashcam application combined with .ai. It's just getting started and there are implications all around. 

So, what can it do? It can record things. Think... If some driver is crossing the line, braking weird, or generally being wacky, you can tap once to record video in front of the car. Or, think... your driving for Lyft or Uber or Arcade City in Austin and a passenger goes crazy. Tap with two fingers to record an event inside the car. Cool. 

Now what? Upload it. The app can then build a database on bad drivers (via license plates). This will empower the app (and anyone they sell the data to) to alert you of known risks around you in the future. It's crowdsourced driver/passenger quality on some level.

What implications are there when the driverless cars know your history before you even get in front of them? What about the driver driven cars? Maybe your insurance goes up based on what people capture you doing with your car, bike, semi? What else might the reality of Nexar impact? 

On one hand, duh. Of course this exists. On the other hand, it's another advancement to the context Dave Eggers writes about in The Circle. What are your initial reactions?