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I need an outlet for ideas. 

A few observations: 

  1. When I read for information sake, I’m better off mentally for the days that follow. 

  2. I find that it's easy to see the time as wasted time because it does not result in a made thing. 

  3. When an action results in making things it's easier to get excited about and to justify the action for the time it took. 

  4. When I spend some time in a coffee shop alone for a few hours, I’m mentally better too. 

  5. So, I’m back at the link collection process today. My aim is to make space for reading and collecting interesting things and sticking them here. Maybe I'll get the chance to do so in a coffee shop too. 

Note: I went to log in to this blog and found the last time I had this urge and the desire to do something about it was Sept 7th of 2016. That's too long, eh? 

Also, there is an email thing hooked up here... I have no idea if it still works but remember setting it to collect the articles from the RSS feed on a weekly basis. We'll see if and how that works too.